3 Days Kumbh Mela - Luxury Tour

3 Days Kumbh Mela - Luxury Tour is a brief introduction of the Hinduism and its mysticism of Naga Sadhu on the confluence of 3 rivers Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati. come and explore the cult of Shaivism

Attractions :
  • Yoga & Mediation at campsite area
  • Main Bathing ceremony ( Royal Bath )
  • Nagas Sadhus, Sanayasi & thier rituals
  • Intiation Ceremony of becoming Naga Sadhus
  • Akhadas - temporary residential area of Kumbha Mela
  • Photography and walking

$ 820 per person

Minimum 2 Person

3 Days Kumbh Mela - Luxury Tour


Kumbh Mela is the largest conglomerate of human beings in a specific period of time at Allahabad. This great event takes place once every 12 years. This tour is a complete introduction of Kumbh Mela where the meaning of Kumbh, the history of Kumbh, the importance of Kumbh in the life of the ascetics, the importance of Kumbh in the Hindu religion and the general public will be known. You will know how Kumbh has been used as a platform to unite people and hermits during different rules, such as Mughal, British. .

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival at the airport. Continue towards Kumbh Zone and Experience Kumbh
Upon arrival at the Varanasi / Allahabad Airport, find our representative and drive to the Kumbh area. You can take advantage of 2 travel experiences that are mentioned below. If you arrive before the afternoon (depending on the arrival of your flight), you can enjoy a pleasant trip/boat cruise that takes place during the afternoon. We will spend the night in the Kumbh area. Accommodation in a Deluxe camp.Meals: lunch and dinner at the camp.

Day 02: Shahi Snan Day (Real Bath Day ) of Kumbh
This day of leisure to capture Royal bath. You can witness the massive bath of holy saints, the Nagas and the Aghoris , on the banks of the Ganges. Keep your camera ready to capture this unique moment of life.
We will spend the night in the Kumbh area. Accommodation in a Deluxe camp.

Day 03: Kumbha Mela Experience
On this day, guests will take morning tour experiences and afternoon drive to the airport of Varanasi / Allahabad in AC Shuttle.

  • English Speaking Escort
  • 1 Bottled water per person
  • Private AC Car
  • Monuments Entrances
  • Luxury Tented Accommodation