Heritage Walk with Burning Ghat

Attractions :
  • Heritage from Manikarnika Ghat ( Burning Ghat) to Assi Ghat
  • Evening Ganga Aarti at Main Ghat
  • Golden Temple & Vishalakhi Temple
  • Dasaswamedh & Assi Ghat
  • Old Varanasi & Local Bazar

USD 45 Minimum 2 person

Heritage Walk with Burning Ghat


Embark on an incredible walk through Varanasi Private Tour, showing the best of the ancient city of Varanasi in a true local style. Varanasi is one of the most colorful places on earth dotted with numerous temples and spirituality. Therefore, Varanasi is rightly referred to as the "holy city of India". In this 3-hour tour, you will explore by walk the heritage routes of the city of Varanasi. Explore the many narrow streets of the city and get to know the prominent highlights of the city, such as Manikarnika Ghat, the cremation site and the ancient Nepalese temple built by the king of Nepal who lives in exile in Varanasi. It also covers some of the other captivating sites, such as the Lalita Ghat, the iconic temple (the sinking temple of Varanasi), Kashi Karvat (the temple of death) and more.

Detailed Itinerary
We start this Heritage Walk form the Godwilla area and lane by lane we enter in the Manikarnika Gali the Manikarnika site in Meer Ghat, on the banks of the Ganges, you will visit the Vishalakshi Temple, one of the most sacred temples dedicated to the Goddess Divine Mother Hindu. In general, it is considered as Shakti Pitha.
Then move towards Lalita Ghat, named after the Hindu goddess Lalita, one of the incarnations of the Goddess Durga. Lalita Ghat is one of the seven most important Ghats of Varanasi
The Nepalese temple is one of the oldest and most famous Shiva temples in Varanasi. The temple was built in the 19th century by the king of Nepal, who lived in exile, imitating the famous Pashupatinath temple in Nepal. The temple presents a style of Nepalese architecture and is made of wood, stone and terracotta.
Now you will arrive at the Manikarnika Ghat, the place of cremation for the followers of Hindu. Manikarnika Ghat is one of the oldest, sacred and main cremation sites of Varanasi.
Also see the Kashi Karwat, a temple where formerly people used to come to die, since it was supposedly the shortcut to heaven and moksha, according to Hindu beliefs. After we return to hotel and your tour ends here.